Minimum gear required for any safe caving trip:

See Also Equipment for cavers page

Helmet with chin strap

2x Headlamp (3 lights total)


Knee pads

Boots that cover ankles

Cave pack with extra light, batteries, water, snack

Thermal, non-cotton clothing and socks (required for wet caves)

“Assume all caves at Speleofest are are wet, regardless of what anyone tells you” – Joe Walko

Change of clothes to keep in the car, a way to transport muddy wet clothes aka a trash bag

Recommended additions

Elbow pads


Cave suit / coveralls

Med kit

Trash Bag, candle and lighter ( for use in cave)

Handline, shovel, compass, flagging tape


Vertical gear for vertical caves


If caving multiple days, it is advised to bring two to five sets of gear for any items that are not easily washable with a water hose. This is required if you are caving in different regions. Please check your local WNS guidelines for more information about how to prevent the possible spread of WNS.



The weather at caving events is crazy, Speleofest is no different.

“Plan for 32°-98° nights, monsoon rain or crippling heat and humidity, sunscreen & bug spray or hot hands and stocking cap…” – Kirsten Alvey-Mudd

Tent and typical camping gear – extra set of sheets and blanket

Folding chair

Extra clothes, extra shoes. 

Trash bag for all the fun mud you will wear.

Any Medication you may need.

A way to cook food, there are communal fires.


Ice will be available for purchase on site. 

Bug Spray – There is alpha-gal and Lyme disease in the area. Deet products and Permethrin treated clothes are the best way to combat ticks and chiggers. Mosquitos sometimes are around this early.

Shower bag with soap, towel, water shoes (we do have primitive showers on site)

“extra headlamp in the tent, car, and every damn bag because I can’t keep track of a headlamp if my life depended on it.” – Tim Stoops



We will have a gear vendor from OnRope1 on site to supply you with all of the gear you could possibly need. They do accept credit cards. Please support our vendor, he travels a long way to supply Speleofest with a quality selection of gear.



Bring your own food for lunch and any meals you plan to eat. 

BYOB. Hart County is a dry county. The nearest place to buy alcohol is 35 minute drive from LSP

Breakfast and coffee on Saturday and Sunday morning will be available for purchase on site.

The Banquet will be on Saturday night;  Seats are limited (200) don’t forget to purchase a ticket while available.

Sunday evening we will be having our Wine and Cheese Social(snack food) with live entertainment afterwards at the shelter house.

Kayaking and Hiking gear

Many Speleofest attendees take a day to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors. There are several excellent kayaking routes and hiking trails nearby. There are no led trips for these activities but we are more than happy to provide directions to these locations so feel free to contact us beforehand or see the registration booth for directions on site.