The Lonestar Preserve LSP

The Lone Star Preserve is a 126 acre preserve in Bonnieville Kentucky. The preserve is a karst landscape that boasts 6 caves, several large sinkholes, springs, and woodland with nature trails. The caves on site lie mostly within the Beaver Bend and Paoli Limestone geologic formation. The karst landscape drains water into the cave system below and exits at the nearby Roundstone Spring only a mile away. It is the goal of the Louisville Grotto to protect the land and cave system from development and pollution.



The preserve is not open to the public. Guests are welcome by invitation of any member in good standing. The Louisville Grotto holds an annual open house at the preserve on the second weekend of November, which includes the ever popular chili cook-off.

The preserve is a staging ground for caver education. Some of the many uses have included karst-education programs for scout groups, orientation to cave rescue class, vertical caving class, cave surveying class, and cave biology field trips. On site there are primitive facilities with electricity, water, and a covered shelter for programs. Interested parties may contact us with any inquiries for using the property.