Caving At Speleofest

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The Lone Star Preserve has six caves on the property within walking distance of the campgrounds. Saltpeter Cave is the largest and consists mostly of a large walking passage that leads to two big rooms. Saltpeter cave is easy enough for anybody to walk through and has a lot of history. Woodcutters is a very sporty cave consisting of a long, deep-cutting vadose canyon that winds into the hillside seemingly forever. The four other caves are smaller and more sporty.  People new to Lone Star Preserve could spend a day just exploring the caves on site. 

Cave trips will take place to some excellent caves off-site during Speleofest also. These off-site caving trips during Speleofest are led by volunteer cavers who have obtained special access to various locations on private properties in the surrounding counties. Drive times will range from 15 minutes to an hour and half. There will be a mixture of classic Speleofest favorites as well as other caves that have not been visited during Speleofest for several years. Caves in the area are diverse and will be posted with maps and descriptions. Horizontal caves will range from large walking passage, to some more sporty climbing and canyoning passage, down to wet crawling passage. Vertical cave trips will can self-led or led. There are a few nice pits in the area, including the SCCI owned Frenchman’s Knob Pit. Guests are advised to bring a variety of clothing and gear to be prepared for anything.

More details about the caves at Speleofest will be posted on our Facebook page as the date gets nearer. Cave visitation is affected by weather, land owner relations, and trip leader availability. Please let us know if you are interested in leading a trip during Speleofest. Feel free to contact us with any other questions (link to contact page)

Please be advised, caving trips off the property are organized by volunteer cavers to private properties and they are not paid or trained professionals. The responsibility of a trip leader is to lead a caravan to the cave and set the pace of the trip underground. All attendees must be equipped with proper gear and proper caver etiquette. All attendees must understand the risks involved with caving and assume responsibility for their own safety underground. A waiver of liability and assumption of risks will be required for all Speleofest guests.