Introduction To Caving

Are you interested in caving for fun and adventure? Great! We are too. We are a group of cavers and friends that go on fun trips all the time. We explore caves locally in Kentucky, Indiana, and sometimes other states also. Contact us if you are interested in trying it out. We will show you the ropes for safe caving and get you on the right track. Hopefully, if you really like caving, you can get involved with helping to preserve caves with us. As cavers who have been doing this for many years, we understand the value and importance of reaching out above and beyond to protect the caves that we love. For more information, see the Guide to Responsible Caving.

Educational Presentations

The Louisville Grotto provides educational presentations for groups wanting to know more about caves or safe caving. We tend to do this for scout groups mostly, but any group may inquire. We have an “Intro to Caving” PowerPoint presentation and caving gear for a hands-on display.

Education Visits at Lone Star Preserve

The Lone Star Preserve (LSP) exists as an educational facility where groups can come to learn about cave sciences, safe caving, and cave conservation. We frequently have scout groups and other school clubs that visit the preserve throughout the year. LSP is a great place to introduce new people to caves because we have a variety of different types of caves and history on and around the property. At our shelter we can do presentations and talks about cave geology, cave safety, and cave conservation. Camping is available on the property also. You may inquire though our contacts page if you wish to schedule a visit. Please allow plenty of advance notice for these types of requests.

Cave Owner Assistance

If you own a cave or think you may own a cave in Kentucky, feel free to contact the Louisville Grotto and we will be more than happy to take a look at it for you. You may have a cave if there is a hole on your property that blows cold air in summer, steams in the winter, or it may drain an entire creek-bed. We can visit the cave to assess it, take pictures, and possibly survey it. We have loaner gear to take you into the cave if you are interested, granted that the cave is safe for novice explorers. As a landowner in Kentucky you are protected from liability under the Kentucky cave laws. See the Kentucky Cave Owners Guide To Liability for more information.


Exploration and Survey

Surveying a cave is the process of mapping a cave with specialized and highly accurate instruments, which is a fundamental part of Speleology. Surveys can be used to compare caves to each other by length, depth and volume, may reveal clues on speleogenesis, provide a spatial reference for other areas of scientific study and assist visitors with route-finding. The Louisville Grotto has helped survey countless caves all over Kentucky and Indiana. Many current Louisville Grotto members are trained and experienced with surveying to the highest grade of standards. If you are interested in having your cave surveyed, please contact us. Please be advised that we cannot accommodate all requests.


Conservation Work

The bulk of cave conservation done by the Louisville Grotto revolves around preserving the caves at the Lone Star Preserve. A lot of work goes into up keeping the property and keeping it safe from harm. For more information about local cave conservation services, contact the American Cave Conservation Association.


* Please note that we do not charge money for any services listed; we do accept donations, but they are not required. We are a nonprofit organization that consists entirely of volunteers. It may take a long time for us to accommodate certain requests, so we advise that you inquire as early as possible. If we are not the best suited for your request then we will try to recommend another organization that can help you.