The Caving Adventure

What should you expect on a standard caving trip?


Grotto trips usually last between 3 to 6 hours in the cave and drive-time can be 40 mins to an hour each way, so plan for all-day. Please arrive on time. All non-members must sign a waiver of liability and acknowledgement of risks. A trip leader will arrange details for where and when to meet before the cave trip. The trip leader will set goals, facilitate communication, and set the pace of the trip. If you have any questions before the trip, ask the trip leader.

Most caves have a mixture of features and passage types, which can vary from walking, to stoop walking, to crawling, squeezing, and climbing. Throw in some mud, water, darkness, and you got yourself a cave. Every cave is different, so the only way to really know what to expect is to ask beforehand. Caving can be very enjoyable but it can also be miserable at times. The challenge of the cave is what creates the sense of accomplishment, so take it in stride.

Caving with the Louisville Grotto is a team effort, not a guide service. The team will work together to make it through the cave safely and will always stay together. Team members are there to assist each other when needed. Individuals should voice any concerns they have with the team or trip leader and never do anything that you don’t feel comfortable doing. If you leave the group intentionally, or act in a dangerous manner that could put you or another member in harm’s way, you will not be invited on future trips.

What is your responsibility?

  • To be on time
  • To be a part of the team
  • To never do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with
  • To make sure you do not harm the cave in anyway
  • To show up prepared (see caver equipment)
  • To communicate with family and friends that you are not going to be reachable by cellphone and to not freak out.

Intentionally damaging, disturbing, or harming the cave is a violation of federal law, that we can and will prosecute for.


Apart from the seriousness of being safe and responsible, we have a lot of fun. We take pictures, we play, we joke, we get covered in mud and have a good time. We always look forward to sharing the experience with new people too.