Lone Star Preserve Rules and Regulations
The following rules and regulations have been developed and adopted by the Lone Star Preserve Committee with the intent to preserve and protect. All regulations will be subject to change by a majority vote of Louisville Grotto members present at any regular or special meeting, with no prior notice to users.

Only current Louisville Grotto members and their guest will be allowed on the property. Each member must be willing to do the following:
Be in attendance at all times with their guest while on the property.
Be accountable for all of their guests’ actions.
Be responsible for collecting camping donations, registering their guests, and advising of liability waiver requirement and having liability waivers signed by all guests.
All non Grotto campers are to pay a $5.00 a night camping fee.
Be responsible for keeping the front gate and shelter locked.
New Louisville Grotto members can request the combos to the gate and shelter if one of the following conditions are met after membership approval: complete a 6 month probationary period, or have two current grotto members sponsor the new member at a grotto meeting.

A Committee quorum vote will be necessary before guest groups will allowed on the property. Sponsoring Large Groups,
This may be defined as over 12 people and carries additional responsibility. Sponsors of organized youth groups (e.g. Scouts) or other special interest groups must coordinate plans to visit LSP with the designated sponsor(s) and provide schedules to the LSP committee. Enough prior notice shall be given to avoid problems and potential conflicts with cave access and Porta Potty availability.
Also, any other special needs or requests must be cleared with Lone star preserve committee. In some circumstances where the visiting groups are especially large, arrangements should be made to have additional sponsors or help by Grotto members when touring the cave.

Camping and Facilities
Pack it in, Pack it out. (There is no trash service)
Camping will be allowed only in designated areas and noise kept to a minimum. Camping is on a first-come first-serve basis. All trash must be removed from camping area when leaving. Dispose of properly. Quiet hours are between 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Please be especially mindful of this when campground is occupied.
The shelter house is to be used as an eating area or gathering place..
Please be considerate of other people using the shelter.
No parking of vehicles under the shelter.
All persons using the shelter house must clean it before leaving, even if it was found in poor condition
No smoking of any kind within 25ft of either shelter house, barn or cave entrances on the Lone Star Preserve property during grotto advertised events, ex. Speleofest, Holiday Camp outs, Chili Cookoff, etc. Including times the property is rented out.
Fires will be permitted only in designated areas and with proper fire rings. No cutting of standing timber without prior approval. All fires must be extinguished before departure.
Defacing the cave and/or property is not allowed. No unauthorized digs or excavations. No unauthorized erection of buildings or structures.
Driving and parking will be allowed only on designated roads. The speed limit is 5 MPH.
Motorized vehicles are prohibited for off-road use at LSP, with the exception of pre-approved LSP Maintenance vehicles. Nuisance behavior with these vehicles is also prohibited.
No Rappelling from Ledge above Lone Star

This is extremely important for the protection of the LSP preserve. The front gate and the shelter have a combination lock. The combination will only be given to members of the Louisville Grotto. Under normal circumstances, sponsors with guests are never to give out the front gate or shelter combination, or any keys to property structures. The front gate must be locked at all times. The LSP committee chairman will have the responsibility of changing the lock combination as deemed necessary and keeping all appropriate personnel notified. Remember the combination could change at any time. Contact the grotto chairman to ensure that the combination number you know is correct.
No hunting
No discharging of firearms or carbide cannons.

No animal, animal food or animal bedding shall be allowed inside the main shelter house. Does not apply to service animals
No animal, animal food or animal bedding shall be allowed inside or outside within (25’) the main shelter during grotto advertised events. Example: during Speleofest, Holiday events, Chili cook-off, etc. This also includes times that LSP is rented by outside parties. Does not apply to service animals
All animals must be kept on a leash held by a human or in a proper containment enclosure at all times. No animal shall be left at LSP without being placed in a proper containment enclosure. Specifically, no animal shall be left cabled or tied out in the open, on a stake, tree, rock or vehicle unattended. Does not apply to service animals
All animal feces must be picked up and disposed of by the owner of the animal from the property in a proper and timely manner.
Any animal that makes excessive noise and disturbs others may be required to be removed from the property by the owner of the animal.
Any animal that shows aggression towards humans or other animals may be required to be removed from the property by the owner of the animal. In addition, the animal may be banned from LSP per executive board decision.
All animals need to have current vaccinations on hand or by digital copy, including service animals. All pets must have current inoculations for rabies as prescribed by the camper’s state of residence. (Kentucky Administrative Regulations 304 KAR 1:040)